Be Proud….



Maybe because it is listed amongst the 7 deadly sins…. and in some cases considered the worst amongst them…. that Pride gets a pretty bad wrap.

I think this is wrong.  Not only is it wrong but it is downright damaging.

There is SO much talk about low self esteem… countless books are written about it… programs dedicated to it.  I can’t even tell you the money I have spent, the hours and hours of my life I have allotted to the “Self Help” movement over the decades.  All in an attempt to feel better about myself…. to feel better about ourselves.  And all the while we have society in general telling us the exact opposite.

It is not socially acceptable to like yourself, let alone LOVE yourself.

It is not socially acceptable to be proud of your achievements.

And it’s downright blasphemous to actually brag of that which you are most proud.


Why is being proud of what you have accomplished such a horrible thing?  Why can’t you take a compliment with pride and dignity?  Why must you brush it off…. dismiss it.  “oh that… that was nothing”…. as if your successes meant nothing at all.

When we do something that we are proud of, we SHOULD be able to shout it loud and shout it proud.  We SHOULD be able to feel amazing about it, and the let the world know it.  “look what I did…. and I am PROUD of it!!!!!”  No more playing it down.  No more pretending that it was nothing.  No more hiding our light.  No more acting as if we are less than we truly are.

BE who you are…. BE damn proud of it.  Show the world just what you are made of.  And then shout it from the rooftops.