Deb Coats – Creative Artist


If you have not already met her, I would like to introduce you all to someone very special.  Debra Coats.

Deb is very special and extremely talented artist, and just one of the nicest people I have ever met.  Now like so many of the wonderful individuals in cyberspace, I have never met Deb in person.  But I know her in a much better way, a much deeper way.  I believe we have met on the soul level… the level of the heart.  That place that you find behind all outward appearances, and social statuses.  The level that transcends culture, or country, or background, or financial situation.

I know Deb as a kind, loving, caring, spirited individual, whose sole (or should I say soul) mission in life is to make planet Earth a much more wonderful place to be… and she has already done that, in ways that she is far to humble to even realise.

Generous to a fault, Deb is now running a Free Give-a-Away from her blog HERE  I urge you all to go and check it out, and also to see her spirit filled work over at her REDBUBBLE profile.

And I just want to say Thanks Deb, for making the world a brighter place.  We need many more souls like you, to have to courage to share their gifts with the world. Hopefully your work will encourage others to do just that.