Thank You… Thank You… Thank You!!


Sometimes prayers do get answered.

Sometimes after months and months of agonising uncertainty, prayers get answered.

Sometimes, when you feel that all hope is lost and you will never again feel safe, or have anywhere to place your faith, prayers get answered.

Today, my prayers got answered.

And whilst I will NEVER understand why I had to endure month after month of agonising indecision.  And why my faith had to be tested and re-tested and re-tested again.  When all of this could have so easily been solved a very long time ago… AT LONG LAST… I can breath a sigh of relief… I feel joy again.  I can feel safe again.

And in many ways, this is but a temporary reprieve.  I know that in order to NEVER have to endure anything like this again, that my work has only just begun… at least now I have a chance.  I have quite literally been given a New Hope…. a fresh start.

To say that I am grateful beyond measure is to truly understate the situation.  My heart can barely contain the relief, the gratitude, the shear joy of the situation.

And so to all who offered so much love and support and understanding during my most difficult time….. to those who had to endure my moans and bemoans… I humbly apologise and offer my most sincere gratitude.  You have been my strength, my comfort, and my most importantly… you have been my friends.

I love you all.

P.S… I actually wrote this post over a week ago, as a preemptive strike.  I was expecting my answer the following day, and yet it still took another week to arrive. But I wrote this trying to capture the feeling I would have once it did arrive… and now that it has.. well, I am just hoping that life can get back to some form of normality.