Smelling the Flowers…..


I heard a wonderful analogy yesterday for how many in the spiritual/positive thought community choose to see life.  It said that many are standing neck deep in manure  and still smelling the flowers.

When I started this blog, it was never my intention to focus on the negative.  It was to be place of positivity, of hope, of strength and courage.  But it was also to be a place of honesty.  I have at times been brutally honest about my own shortcomings, and I will continue to do so.  Whilst I don’t ever want to wallow in the bad stuff… I don’t want to fall into the trap of “smelling imaginary flowers”, when I all I see around me is manure, either.

I think that now more than ever, it is vitally important that we get totally in touch with our authentic selves.  The Law of Attraction movement (of which I am a big fan)… has really promoted the idea of never looking at the darker sides of life.  And whilst I agree in principle….. and totally agree that we should not wallow there… I think it is dangerous to deny or suppress bad feelings when they arise.

Sometimes… no matter how hard we try… no matter positive we remain… how hopeful and optimist… life can throw us a curve ball.  Or in my case recently an entire truck load of the curviest balls you have ever seen.

I won’t be beaten!

I won’t be trod down!

I won’t lie to you either.  Those flowers are getting harder and harder to smell at present.

But I know that they are there… just out of reach right now… but OH so close.  This “down time” for me is taking much much much longer than I ever anticipated it would.  But I have no doubt there is a reason for that as well.  Maybe simply the act of not denying it’s presence… acknowledging that I am still, after all human, and refusing to gloss over that is deeply painful… will in a way, help to shift things in a better direction.  We can never change that which we deny.  We can never alter that which we refuse to see.

I used to believe that the most important thing was having a positive mental attitude…. but now I am starting to understand that even more important still, is cultivating a truly authentic one.


ps… and I promise this will be the last post of it’s kind… onward and upward from now on.