My New Website…


It’s finally ready….. I am SO excited to launch the new website.  I have never been happy with the way it has been the past.  I have built it and rebuilt it and rebuilt it.  And considering that I never knew the first thing about building a website when I first started, my first attempts weren’t too bad.  But I always felt that they looked somewhat amateurish.  So I am very excited with this latest attempt.  There is still some tweaking to be done, but the site is live now, and overall, I am very happy with it.

One of the main reasons I wanted the change, was to give people the opportunity to purchase images (as either prints or downloads) directly from my site.  I love Redbubble, and they do an exceptional job… however I wanted to give people other options, and the ability to order directly from the site without having to go anywhere else.

I am also part of the 500px community now.. check out the link to the site or click here.  Still uploading images to that site, but more will become available soon.  The quality of the work at 500px is phenomenal and I have no doubt will spur me on to lift my game to the next level.

Both 500px and the new official Tracie Louise Photography website offer the ability to purchase downloadable images…. a service which I have not been able to previously offer.

So please check out the new and improved website… let me know what you think.  It’s still a work in progress… but progress is good.