Truly Successful…


You came here to planet Earth for one reason and one reason only…. TO BE YOU!!

I have given a lot of thought in recent months to the meaning of being successful.  I have worked very hard at trying to achieve that very goal.  But perhaps I was a little off in exactly what it was that I was aiming for.

There is only ever one way in life that we can truly be successful.

And that is to be who we are.

Who we came here to be.

No amount of money, or fame, or fortune, or material gain, can substitute for it.  And nothing else will EVER grant us the same level of fulfilment as being authentically who we are.

Don’t get me wrong….. I like money.  Not sure I have any desire to be famous…. but should a little fortune come my way, I am certainly not going to turn my back on it.  However… it is my fervent belief that money without authenticity provides no comfort and the truest path to abundance lies in being genuine to who you really are.  Not the you that the rest of the world sees….. but the you, you are when no-one else is looking!

If you can be THAT person all the time…. then you have truly achieved success, and fulfilled your purpose for being here.