The Science of Being Great…



Today I read the Science of Being Great.. by Wallace D Wattles…. written over a hundred years ago, and every bit as relevant today as I am sure it was back then.  It’s a wonderful book and I thoroughly recommend it.

One thing that particularly caught my imagination was the idea that many of us believe that we must wait until we have achieved our desires and goals before we can act in “great” ways.  But Wattles suggests that we begin today…. from wherever we are…. to infuse “greatness” in all that we do.   It’s actually a very Zen Buddhist philosophy, that whatever task you are undertaking,  you give it your all.  No matter how mundane the activity… right down to washing the dishes… do it, to the very best of your ability.  The buddhists suggest making any and all tasks “sacred”.

Wattles is suggesting that you don’t have to wait to be rich and famous to be “great”… and in fact, if you did wait… the desired outcome would likely never manifest.  He sites Abraham Lincoln as one example, stating that it was all the very small ways that Lincoln was already a great man, that got him elected to office in the first place.

In my own life I have a terrible habit of flitting from one task to the next, as my very short attention span dictates.  And yet a quote from my all time favourite TV show MASH, often comes to mind…. “I do one task…. I do it very well…. and then I move on” – Charles E Winchester.    However that is rarely me… usually I am in the middle of the one task, I get bored, and then I move on.  Eventually I come back to the original task, and eventually I get everything achieved, but rarely do I do the small things “great”.

And I think that is to my detriment.  I think that if I really do intend to manifest the life of my dreams, perhaps injecting a little “greatness” into the everyday… wouldn’t be the world’s worst idea.  Perhaps adopting the habit of doing all that I do to the best of my ability, would end up serving me well in the long run.  Perhaps becoming Great, isn’t a function of occasionally achieving  the grandiose… but of constantly giving your all…in any, and in all situations.

What do yo think?