Who does that belong to…


Jetty Dawn

Do you ever hear yourself say something, or think something, and wonder “where did that come from?”

I know as we get older…. and especially after we become parents…. we hear ourselves saying things that our parents said to us.   Sometimes that can make us smile, sometimes cringe.  But we get so many of our ideas and concepts from our parents, families, upbringing, society in general.  Do you ever wonder how much of what you say and think… ever actually belongs to you?

I heard recently about a practise that I find really interesting, and incredibly liberating.

Throughout your day, as thoughts come into your head…. or random comments slip out of your mouth…. stop for a moment, and ask yourself… “I wonder who that belongs to?”

Apparently up to 80% of the thoughts and opinions we express were never originally ours to begin with.  We are just trotting out and rehashing that which was trotted out and rehashed  to us in the first place.

Take for example the time honoured saying “times are tough right now”.  How often have you heard yourself or others saying that?  But is it true?  Not is it true for everyone?  But is it true for you?  And if it is not true for you, then why in the world would you ever repeat it.  And lets be honest…. “tough” is a relative term.  Name a time in the history of mankind, when someone wasn’t in a position to say “times are tough right now”.  Conversely, name a time in human history, when someone couldn’t honestly say the exact opposite, at the exact same time, and also have that be true.

For me… times are WONDERFUL….. why…. because I chose to see them that way.  I refuse to buy into poverty mentality.  How could I ever think that way, when I have food on my table each evening, and roof over the top of that table as well.  Life is as good or bad as we choose to see it.

So please don’t be a sheep…. bleating off the same rhetoric that everyone else is saying just because everyone else is saying it.  It becomes such a habit that we don’t even realise we are doing it.  Stop yourself whenever you can remember to do so during the day and ask….. “who does that belong to?”

More often than not, I think you will find, that it doesn’t even belong to you.