It’s not about Numbers.


How many of us in the Blogasphere, get all hung up on the numbers, the stats?

I know I am guilty of watching the stats.  I do love to see the numbers go up.  I have on occasion made the mistake of linking my self worth, to what the numbers say…. much like I have been guilty of linking my self worth to the numbers on my bathroom scales.

But for those of us who blog because we hope to inspire others… to reach out to others… to touch the lives of other people, and share our stories in the hope that they can be a positive example somehow.  For those of us….. it’s not about the numbers.

Sure, reaching out to a thousand people would be awesome.

But how less awesome is it to reach one person.

One person in need.

One person hurting, struggling… wondering how they are going to go on.

What if you reached THAT person.  And what if your words touched their hearts… made them smile.  Gave them a different perspective, a change of attitude.

How less awesome would that be?

And one thing the little stat counter on your WordPress homepage doesn’t tell you… is how many other people you reached through that change in attitude in the one person.  It’s the snowball affect.  You made someone smile.  They in turn took that smile out into their lives.  That one smile touched another and another and another.  That simple piece of advise you offered on your blog, was taken up by one person, who used that advise… and their actions became an example to another, who also took that advise…. and on and on and on.

You can NEVER know just how affective you are truly being.  You can NEVER know just how many lives and hearts your are truly touching.

So don’t get hung up on the stats.  It honestly is not about the numbers.