Time to get real…


About 18 months ago I started Tracie Louise Photography.  I wanted to be a professional photographer.  I wanted it REAL bad…. as any of my earlier posts will attest to.

But did I?

Did I really?

I said that I did.  I felt that I did.  But I never really took any of the necessary steps to becoming truly “professional”.

I set about learning my craft.  Bit by by I acquired all the necessary equipment.  I read loads of books, magazines, articles.  I watched instructional videos.  I practised… and I practised…. and I practised.  I experimented.  I grew.  I developed my own style.  I figured out what I what to shoot… how I wanted to shoot it… and what the finished product would look like.  I became a photographer!

But I never became a “professional”.

Now I know that some of you are going to jump onboard and challenge that statement.. but bear with me.

Here’s what I didn’t do…..

I didn’t register my business name (until very recently).  I didn’t create a business plan… write a mission statement…. set up appropriate accounting practises (scary since I worked in accounting for 20 years).  I didn’t do market research.  I didn’t plan marketing strategies.  Basically I didn’t do ANYTHING that would truly qualify me as a “professional”.

I hoped.  And I prayed.  And I tried.  And I worked hard.  But none of it was seriously going to get me my dream.  I was just “playing” at it.  Tracie Louise Photography.. was a hobby business.

That ends today.

It is finally time to get real.

Tomorrow is the first day of a new financial year in Australia… and tomorrow Tracie Louise Photography… legitimate, professional… opens for business.  Here’s to a prosperous New Financial Year!