A Day of Firsts….

Backwards Glance

What a day.  Turns out Fraser Island was NOT what we expected.  I had heard that it is the worlds largest sand island, and I knew that they don’t let you on the island without a 4wd, but figured that was just for driving on the beach.  Turns out getting to the beach can almost get you killed.

It was a day of firsts.  First time I had ever seen a dingo in the wild.  I had seen them in wildlife parks, but never in the wild.  My own dear beloved best friend of 16 years (now departed), was half dingo, but she had the total personality of the other half.. labrador.  I was both excited and a little sad to look into the eyes of these gorgeous creatures… and so excited to capture them on film.

First time I had ever driven on the beach.  As a total hippie/greenie, I had always been psychologically opposed to driving on the beach.  I never felt that it was a very ecological thing to do.   Beach driving was seriously weird.  Not so much because you are driving inches from the water (and sometimes not even that), but more because you are not the only one on the beach… it’s like a freakin’ highway.  And it is not just miles of open beach, as I had imagined… there are ROCKS!!  Sometimes a lot of them.  And sometimes so many of them, that you have to drive inland a ways, to get around a rocky point.

And first time I had ever taken my life into my own hands 4wding from a to b.  The roads are sand… (as is everything else), and it is somewhat like driving in tapioca. The roads were almost 6 feet wide in some parts… one lane, which is incredibly interesting when you greet another car coming in the other direction… which fortunately (or frighteningly) doesn’t happen very often.   But then the fun stuff started… the drive home.

We decided that we had seen enough of driving on the beach and the unique challenges that presented, and decided to drive the 30 miles back to the resort on the inland roads.  Little did we know that 30 miles could take over 3 hours to complete.  Especially when you are presented with a fallen tree right across one of the narrowest parts of the road.  But that’s not even the funny part.  Literally seconds before we came upon the tree, hubby uttered these words… “should have brought an ax in case we needed to cut branches” – SERIOUSLY!!!!

We were deep in the middle of the forest, on a road that seems like it is RARELY ever used.  No phone signal.  Not a lot of chance of being able to turn around, and a big tree with lots of branches that couldn’t be shifted.  hubby had no choice but to start breaking branches.  Until they got too thick to snap and he resorted to using the shovel (that he packed in case we got bogged)  Lets just say.. .it’s not much a shovel anymore.  It’s funny now, but it really wasn’t at the time.  And in the end the biggest branch wasn’t shifting, so Jack held it to one side, whilst I inched the car between it, and the big tree which just happened to be on the other side of the road.

Then more scary road (and I seriously use the term “road” loosely)… Puddles that resembled lakes.   Sometimes sand, sometimes just sludge. What I thought was kinda fun when we first set out, just became really frightening.  Can’t tell you how relieved I was when we got back to the resort and the safety and glory of bitumen roads.

So today  I think we will have a vehicle free day.  I’m sure there is plenty of exploring to do on foot.

Note later added//

Hubby just read this about the “road” we were on yesterday… “Only for experienced 4WD users, with high clearance, good recovery and communication equipment. Some sections of the road may be overgrown or blocked by recent tree falls”…. NO SH*T!!!   We had none of those things… just goes to show… you NEED to do your research before setting out.