I like Money!!!


There, I said it.

Money is Awesome!  Money opens up all kinds of opportunities and possibilities that didn’t previously exist. Money Rocks!!

Having walked the spiritual path for several decades now, I have come across many who would find money distasteful.  Non-spiritual.  Greedy.  Unnecessary.  But this is not true.  Money is EXTREMELY necessary…. at least in the society that we currently live in.

I have lived with money, and I have lived without it… and I am pretty sure which one I prefer.  Does that make me greedy, or selfish, or self centred.  Of course not.  Money allows me the opportunity to follow my dream.  Without it… no computer, no camera, no internet, no blog.  Without it… not chance to share my ideas, my images, my love, my friendship, my compassion, my wisdom… (for those who think I have any).

And the more money that I can attract into my life, the more opportunities I have to affect change in the world.  Through direct donations, yes.  Through helping out my children, of course.  But also more subtly.  Through having the ability to travel, and spend my money in different places, helping different local economies… allowing me to photograph new and exciting places, and using those images, to reach more and more people, with my messages of hope and positivity.

By living my life by example.  By showing that it is not only possible to be spiritual and wealthy, but that it’s preferable.  Chasing my dreams is for me… yes.  But even more important to me is to show others that it is also possible.  And no matter how old you are when you start, it is still achievable.

And it’s not all philanthropic on my part… I like  money.  I like having new and amazing experiences.  I believe it’s why we are here in the first place.  Not to be greedy, but to experience as much of life as life has to offer… and unfortunately, that takes money.

So it’s not really the money I like…. it’s the experiences, and the opportunities, and the freedom to explore and create that I am craving.  But if money is what it currently takes for that to happen…. then show me the money.  I’m cool with liking money…. there is nothing wrong with it.  Nothing unspiritual about it.  It’s just a fact of the world we live in.