It’s not just all Black & White….


or is it?

I have talked before on this blog about decision making and Heart vs Head.  But as I am  at a point in my life where lots of important (and life altering) decision are being made…. it seemed like an appropriate time to revisit the subject.

There are lots of ways one can arrive at a decision.

You can make your lists of pro’s and con’s.  Weighing up all the for’s vs against’s.  You can even try my hubbies method of excel spreadsheets, laying out of the possible variables, and see where that leads you.  You can meditate on it.  Ponder it.  Consider it.  Worry about it.  Fixate upon it.  And stress over it until you can’t even think straight anymore.


You can trust your heart!

What “feels” right.

Does the decision make you feel lighter, or heavier.  If it makes you feel heavy, then it probably isn’t  the right decision for you.  Try a decision on for a few hours, a few days even.  Decide in your head that you have made your choice and sit with that.  What does that make you feel like?  Are you happy, relieved, overjoyed?  Or is your heart heavy and your burden increased.

Your intuition.  Your “heart”, for want of a better term…. knows WAY more than your head can ever conceive of.  If your mind had all the answers to life’s questions, and was able to logic itself out of any situation….. wouldn’t you already have all the answers by now?  Wouldn’t your life already be perfect?

Go with your gut.  It has wisdom and knowledge that your mind has long forgotten (or should I say, has been programmed out of you).  Deep inside, where societies pressures and false expectations and misleading information have failed to change who you truly are….. go there.  That’s where your truth lies…. that’s where it is all Black and White, (no shades of grey)….. that’s where decisions are easy!