Inundated with Spam…


When I first started the blog I would get small amounts of daily Spam.  I would always go through the spam folder, because occasionally a real comment would end up in there and I would have to “un-spam” it.  Every day or so I would sort through the rubbish, just in case.

As time has gone one, that task has now gotten out of hand.  When I go to my spam folder to find messages in the hundreds, I just can’t keep up anymore.  Up until a few days ago, I was still attempting to sort through the garbage.  I would just hate it if a real message ended up there and was left unanswered.

But unfortunately it has finally gotten the best of me.  Waking up this morning to 399 messages in spam folder – I QUIT!!!!  I just can’t keep up.  The spammers win.  I don’t have the time to sort through SO much trash.

So I just wanted to apologise to anyone, past, present or future…. who accidentally ends up in my spam folder.  I am sorry that your very much appreciated comment will go unanswered and unpublished.  I greatly value each and every comment I receive on my blog.  They mean the world to me.  I did my best to keep on top of it… but sometimes you just have to know when you are beaten.