Motivation vs Inspiration…


Motivation is when you get ahold of an idea and run with it and do whatever is necessary to make the dream a reality.

Inspiration is when an idea gets ahold of you, and won’t let you go until you have become all that you were always meant to be.

(paraphrasing Dr.Wayne Dyer)

Many have said that I am very motivated towards realising my dream, now that I have finally connected with it and am activity working towards making it a reality.  And I would agree with that statement.  I am highly motivated.  I WANT this… I have made no secret of that to any and all who will listen.


I was just listening to an interview Dr. Wayne Dyer, where he describes the difference between “motivation” and “inspiration”…. and his words struck a cord in me SO loud that I stopped the recording to share his thoughts with you.

INSPIRATION!!!!!  That is what has happened to me.  My calling to be a photographer, has been trying to get my attention for several decades, and in the past I have been able to drown it out with “reason” and “common sense” and “practicalities” of all kinds.  But finally, I ran out of excuses, and it just caught up with me.

But it isn’t Motivation – although I have that in spades…… it’s Inspiration.  The idea of being a photographer got a hold of me and it WILL not let go.  Even if I wanted to stop and listen to the nay-sayers, and to “reason” and to “common sense” and to the “practicalities” of all their varying kinds….. even if I wanted to listen to the very well meaning people, who politely and with great compassion and concern, tell me that the odds of success are stacked against me.  Even if I wanted to listen… I couldn’t.

This idea has a firm grip on my heart.  It has a clinch around my soul.  It will not let go of me, until I have become all that I was destined to be.  And so what’s a girl to do… but to go along for the ride.  It’s not like I have a choice anyway.