You Can Change the World….


There is a line from the old City Slickers movie that has always stuck with me…. maybe because it holds such incredible truth and wisdom.

Billy Crystal’s character hates his job.  He blames his job for his life not looking the way he wants it to.  And that is extremely understandable, given that most of us spend a very large chunk of our waking hours at work.  If our work isn’t happy… it stands to reason that our lives don’t feel very happy either.

But at the end of the movie when asked if he is still planning to leave his job, he declares…”no, I’m just going to do it better”.

And there in lies the wisdom.

Maybe it’s not the job that is the problem.

Maybe it’s you.

Today I was listening to an audio program by David Neagle where he explains how he changed his reality by changing his attitude (big shock horror to those of us who have been following LOA for some time).  David did 3 things, which turned his life around in record time.

1. He treated everyone who crossed  his path with total respect.  He demonstrated his reverence for humanity by being courteous and considerate of every human being he came in contact with…. even when (or especially when), they were not doing the same.

2. He did a good job.  He started caring about the work he was doing, even though he didn’t like his job and even though it wasn’t what he wanted to be doing… he did it to the very best of his ability.

3. He was honest with himself about what needed changing (just like Billy Crystal’s character in City Slickers)… and what needed changing was his attitude.

It is so very easy to blame circumstances… blame other people… blame the job.  It’s easy, but it’s not responsible.  And it won’t change our lives.  If you want things to be any different than they look right now… then it’s up to you to change the only thing that you ever really have control of anyway – YOU.

And when you change, you can change the  World.