The Miracle of Peace



I noticed something amazing…..

When I first started the blog, it would attract new followers at a very steady pace.  Every day…. several each day.  And Twitter to.  New followers all the time.  Steadily growing, and this made me very happy.

But then it started for fall off.

I wasn’t getting any new followers at all.  I didn’t understand this.  What was I doing wrong?  Was I not trying hard enough?  Was my work not good enough?  It was baffling to me.

Then a few days ago… I posted about taking a break.  About taking it easier.  About getting some rest, and reconnecting with all I loved about my work in the first place.  I just let go.  I stopped trying.  I surrendered.

There was definitely part of me that was very worried about this.  I had come to believe that if I didn’t post each and every day, and if the posts weren’t really good, that I would lose followers, the blog would be a failure, and thus confirming my deepest fear, that I had no business even trying to be successful in the first place.  Ok…a little melodramatic, but you get the general idea.

And guess what has happened?

You will NEVER guess!!!

I haven’t posted in a couple of days… and I got NEW followers!!!!

My old followers didn’t leave me.   I woke up this morning expecting no activity on the blog whatsoever (since I hadn’t done anything new there)… and there were still comments…. and there were still “likes”.. and there were actually new followers.  Lots of them!

It’s a Miracle.

My energy shifted from being stressed and tense and well.. just not very pleasant to be around.  To being quiet, and calm, and centred, and peaceful…. and guess what… people were attracted to that… Go Figure!