Communication in Crisis…


It is said that 80% of communication is non-verbal and given how much of our (or at least my) communication is now done via the internet, it does make you wonder just how much of the intended message is getting through.

Yesterday on the blog I had a misunderstanding with someone who very kindly commented on my photograph.  I totally over-reacted (us creative types do that sometimes)… Even whilst in the midst of a massive over-reaction, part of me did wonder if I hadn’t misconstrued the comments intent… but once on a rampage, it can be hard for me to get off again.  So again I apologise to the individual for my reaction, and reiterate how much I appreciate them commenting.

But it does seem to be a problem with texting and commenting and communicating in such a 2d form as the written word.

So much of our communication is visual and auditory. … facial expression, inflection in our voices, and if you are part Mediterranean like me… through over exaggerated hand gestures.  It is just so easy for things to be misinterpreted.  Plus, I can have a very bad habit of being just a tad sarcastic (a trait I blame on being raised by TV sit-coms).. and really good sarcasm can be difficult to express with just the written word.

How many of us have had a text conversation quick degenerate, simply because the tone of our voices couldn’t be conveyed via typed letters alone.  And emoticons only help so much.  Whilst texting is super fun… reminds me so much of my high school days when passing notes in class occupied way more of my time than need be…. it’s a shame that we seem to have lost the art of the phone call.  At the risk of sounding even more ancient that I actually am, the cliche used to be the teenager talking on the phone for hours and hours.  I wonder if the art of conversation is getting lost in a sea of misspelled words and symbols portraying emotions.

NB// on that note… I am however, the worlds worst for ending comments with colon, close bracket, you can ask anyone