Kill the Perfectionist..


“90% Perfect and shared with the world always changes more lives than 100% perfect and stuck in your head.” – Jon Acuff

Many of us in the creative arts are perfectionists.  I think it almost comes with the territory.  It takes a certain amount of courage to share ourselves, through our art, with the world.  And so it’s only natural that when we do so, we want it to be perfect.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with setting high standards.  I set very high standards for myself.  In fact my photography improved out of sight, once I did set higher standards for myself.  But be careful that those high standards are preventing you from sharing your unique gift with the world.

It can be tempting to work on a project and work on it and work on it.  Waiting until that ever illusive day that it is “just right” before it ever see’s the light of day. And maybe…. just maybe, your concept of it being perfect is just some arbitrary conceptualisation that has been concocted in your head.  Taken one step even further, could it be that subconsciously there is such a fear of failure  that it is far easier to use the “it’s not ready yet” excuse, rather than risk it being unsuccessful.

Then there is the other issue of time…. I know this can be a problem for me.  I set myself an unspoken goal to do one post on the blog a day.  And I am not even sure how it came about, but I also got into the pattern of posting roughly the same time each day… 8am my time.  8am is early, even for those of us who are usually awake around 6am.  Not all of my posts are awesomely amazing (hard to believe I know) by 8am.  But in this busy world we live in, sometimes close enough has to be good enough.

And like the quote above…. I do believe that 90% there and shared, is always better than 100% perfect and never seeing the light of day.