Guest Blogger….Grandfathersky


House of Shattering Light


Children of the dawn have come

   into the house of shattered light

   To find their way in darkness still

   guided by another sight.


   A vision lasting far beyond

   the moments parting and the grief

   The giving and the taking from

   a rainbow sunset all too brief.


   For time is then a passage to

   another realm for us to be

   Searching for a way to know

   ourselves, our longing to be free.


   From holding onto inside out

   and dreaming from the outside in

   We come to know the light of life

   and feel its echoes on our skin.


   Create the marriage of the soul

   to breath that’s born within the skies

   Reveals the substance of the truth

   in light that’s melting in our eyes.


By Pete from Grandfathersky

“My hope is that by sharing my thoughts and feelings through the words I write, I can shed a light where there may be darkness, or just chase away some clouds on an already sunny day.”

Pete has a wonderful blog at Grandfathersky… I hope that you will go and check out his awesome talent.  He paints wonderful pictures with words, and uses prose to probe life’s deeper meaning.  I always enjoy my visits there.