Different Perspective….


The above image was captured just moments apart from the image from yesterdays post.  It was taken using the exact same 3 shot HDR method.  It was processed the same way using Photomatix HDR software.  Only this time it was not converted to monochrome.

Initially I was never going to post this image.  It’s not that I don’t like it.  It’s just not my usual style and it’s probably not indicative of the direction I would like my photography to be going in.

But I decided this morning to show it anyway.

Mostly because I wanted to show the vast differences that can be achieved from the exact same location, and using almost the exact same methodology.

I think this perfectly illustrates, how differently we all view the world.  A few weeks back, my best friend (and fellow photographer) when out shooting together.  We were at the same locations.  Often standing in the exact same spots.  Looking at the exact same scene.  But ending up with completely different results.  It could be argued that we use different equipment, although our post-processing software is identical.  We just see things differently, and therefore capture those images in our own unique ways.

But the two images of the Condamine were taken by the same person, on the same equipment, with the same post-procesing software, on the same day.

They look so very different, because there is ALWAYS more than one way of looking at something.

You can see it through the filters of you past experiences (as most of us do, almost every second of everyday)… or you can choose to see it anew.  Look at it with fresh eyes.  Bringing no prior expectations, or assumptions to the situation.  See it “…as a little child”.  As if for the very first time.  And see if it looks any different to you.