Always another way to see things…..


Have you ever noticed how things don’t always work out the way you would like?

I have.

Last night I went for a walk down to Charley Creek, with the idea of shooting the sun going down over the water.  But instead what I found when I got there, were these gorgeous water lilies.  So a quick lens change, and a quick change of focus (pardon the pun)… and my photo shoot went in a completely different direction than I had expected it to go.

I have been through a pretty rough patch lately… with one thing or another.  But more and more I have been thinking (or rather noticing), how often things that seem negative at first, end up being the best thing that could have happened.

It’s almost as if some “higher power” might actually know what’s in my best interest, even better than I do.  Shocking, I know!

Having spent all my life as a fully fledge control freak, it has always been hard for me to hand over control to another…. even that other, is my own higher self.  Even if that other has a perspective, and a knowing, that I can’t even begin to imagine.  And even if that other, wants not only what is best for me, but what’s best for all concerned.

Law of Attraction can be a two edged sword that way.  It teaches me that I have control of my own destiny.  That I am NEVER a victim of circumstance, and I am 100% responsible for all that I see in my reality.  Which is wonderful news… especially if you are in fact, a card carrying control freak, such as myself.

But it is important to remember that “I” is so much more than just the individual who stares back at me in the mirror.  I am SO much more than I realise or am conscious of most of the time.  I am mind.  I am body.  But I am also spirit.  I am soul.  I am unconscious mind.  I am super conscious mind.  I am higher self, greater awareness, deeper vision.

And sometimes the 90% (just a guess there), of me that knows and sees SO much more than the 10% I am aware of… steers the ship in another direction.

At first that can feel like a terrible thing.  “why is this happening… I didn’t ask for this”… and victim mentality can quickly set in.  I know it did for me recently.  But by keeping the faith, and knowing that ALL happens for a reason, it often doesn’t take long before you can understand why things happen, and actually start to see the good that comes out of them.

Some just horrible things have happened in my life, as I am sure have happened in yours.  But when I look back with an open heart and an open mind, I can see how each of these things happened not only for a reason, but that they ended up taking my life in a direction that I would never have gone otherwise…. and I am SO grateful for this.

And it doesn’t even have to be the big things.  I have been paying attention to this concept lately, and I see it in the mighty and the mundane.  A missed car park… a cancelled appointment… a wrong turn… a last minute change of plans.  All kinds of little things not working out the way I intended, but actually working out even better.

It’s all a matter of trust.  And think when you “let go and let God”… so to speak, Incredibly Unexpected things can happen.  Try it and see……