Sometimes I forget…..


We all take things for granted sometimes.  Forgetting to realise how fortunate we are.  Failing to appreciate the time and effort that people have taken to include us in their lives.  It shouldn’t happen… but unfortunately it does.

Sometimes I forget how fortunate I am.

When I started out on this photographic journey a little over a year ago… I didn’t really have any concrete goals in mind.  All I really knew is that I wanted to take the best pictures that I was capable of taking.  I wanted to share them with as many people who were interested.  I think if  I am totally honest with myself… the part of me that is pure ego… wanted recognition for my hard work… and if I’m really REALLY honest… probably wanted a little constant stroking as well.

But it’s not all about me.  And nor should it be.

It’s about YOU.

It’s about how each of you takes time out of busy lives to come visit my site.  It’s about how many of you take time to leave comments (especially since I rarely return the favour).  I do visit as many blogs as I can during my day, but I don’t often allow time to write comments.  Sometimes I feel bad for this.  I see something wonderful in another persons blog, and think in my head what I would like to say to that person…. but then I just move on.  I think I owe everyone an apology for that one.

You have all been SO supportive of me.  Showing me kindness and giving me encouragement.  Helping me to feel better, when I have been down.  Celebrating my little victories, when I have done good.  And basically just being wonderful friends.

I have sent out cards to some of you…. one day I hope to be able to send them out to everyone.  I am not exactly sure how to say “Thank You” for all that you have given me.  Maybe the best way is for me to stop forgetting how fortunate I am.  To give thanks.  To be grateful.  To express that gratitude, loudly and with feeling.  And to continue to strive and to work hard to be the kind of person who is deserving of all that you all given me.