Heart over Head…


We all make decisions.  Every moment of everyday.  Most are tiny, insignificant.  Some a little bigger, affecting our lives to some small degree.  And every now and then we are faced with the big ones.  The monumental decisions.  Life changing… direction altering decisions.  These are the hard ones.

My usual approach to such things, and the advise that I often give others is to always go with your heart over your head.

I know that most would probably suggest that you do the complete opposite to that, but I disagree.

Your head is ruled by thoughts, rationale, weighing up what is right and what is wrong with the decision.  Which sounds sensible on the surface… but here’s the thing.  Your head is also ruled by your ego.  Doing what might appear to be the best thing, but really only serving the needs of the egoic persona.

The heart on the other hand, comes straight from the soul.  It by-passes ego, and thought and pride and our insatiable need to please others and appear to be “doing the right thing” to the outside world.

Listening to your heart, cuts straight to the essence of the matter.  Your feelings, intuitions and emotions are your souls way of communicating what it wants to you.  Only by following your hearts desires will you ever find true happiness.  And you can get inside your head and try to rationalise this truth away as much as you please…. but I bet deep down, you know it to be true.

So when you have a decision to make…. any decision really…. go within.  Listen to your gut.  Your feelings.  That wee small voice deep inside that is usually being drowned out by a sea of so called “rational” thoughts.  Your heart is where you will find yourself.  Your truest desires.  Your inner-most dreams.  Your  most profound truths.

Your heart is where you will find God.