Having Faith….


As many of you will know, I have been through a bit of a personal crisis lately.  Physical exhaustion coupled with a complete break down in confidence, caused me to question what I was doing… why I was doing it…. and what I expected to get out of it.

I still don’t really have answers to all of those questions yet.  I certainly know what I am doing (at least I hope I do).  I know why I am doing it (because it is my passion and I believe, my calling).  But as for what I expect to get out of it… well that is still anyone’s guess.

But I woke up this Easter Sunday morning with my perception relatively back in tact.

God gave me a talent.

Not only did God give me a talent, but it came with a passion and a drive and a determination as well.

What feels like I have been waiting my whole life to discover, and yet in hindsight, was right under my noise the entire time… is now within grasping distance.

I can almost see it.  Almost touch it.

I know it’s out there.

I don’t know exactly what form it will take.  What it will be.  What it will require of me.  Or how much I will need to grow as a person in order to have it.  But I know it’s out there.  Just out of reach.

And I just can’t bring myself to believe that an All Loving, All Powerful, Almighty God, would bless us with talents and dreams and desire, that we were not meant to achieve.  That would just be cruel.  And God… the All That Is… the Universe…. Great Spirit… the Great I AM….  isn’t cruel.  And I will NEVER, EVER believe otherwise.

Happy Easter to all xxoo