Redefining Success….


As you know,  I have been under a lot of stress lately…. ALL self-enduced BTW.  I have put myself under an increasing amount of pressure to succeed.  For the past year and a bit I have been trying to define myself as a “professional photographer”… and have been unwilling to take a break from that goal for even the slightest amount of time.

But after the last blog post and the amazingly wonderful comments by some truly enlightened souls… I have had cause to rethink my priorities and maybe even take a closer look at what I define as being a “success”.

I have always subscribed to the moto… “do what you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”.  And I believed that if I just loved my photography enough, then all else would fall into place.  But not having ever been known for my patience, I was pushing and pushing and pushing, to realise this goal as quick as humanly possible.  And suffering for it in the process.

I used to love to shoot birds.  It was my “thing” for a time there.  This past Christmas my gorgeous husband generously bought me a 500mm lens so that I could finally capture those ever allusive birdies.  And you know… I have hardly picked that lens up (it is very heavy you know..hehehe)  Not long after getting the lens I discovered that sweeping wide angle landscape photography had much more of an impact, than my puny little (slightly out of focus) bird shots.  And I could illicit many more oohs and aahs from a spectacular landscape shot…. so that is what I have been pursuing since.

After reading the comments on my previous post… I took out my 500mm this morning… and finally captured the Pale Headed Rosella’s that come to visit my backyard feeder each day.  The shots aren’t great.  They are not spectacular.  They are not award winning, eye catching, OMG shots.  But they were fun.  And challenging.  And I enjoyed the time I spent with these gorgeous creatures, studying them through the lens.

And so maybe, just maybe, I have been looking at success all wrong.

I was so hell bent on “making it”… whatever that means.  That I forgot my own advice… to enjoy the journey.

I got so caught up in societies definition of success as being measured by how much money I could (or in my case, was not) making….  that I forgot about all the incredibly important success I was having along the way.

And the biggest success of all…… is to enjoy what I am doing….. to love what I am doing…… to reignite that incredible passion that I have for what I am doing….. and to hopefully inspire others to do the same along the way.

Thanks for being patient with me.