Cutting yourself a Break


Sometimes I think the physical falls apart, to allow the spiritual to be heard.

I am not well right now.  I mean, I feel just terrible.  For the past couple of days I have had terrible stomach pains and just no energy.

Tonight I wanted to go out to Gordonbrook Dam and photograph the sunset.  I needed a new image for the blog.  I have hundreds…. probably thousands of photo’s on the computer, but I have been pushing myself harder and harder lately and setting the bar higher and higher, and only want to use the best of what I can do for the blog.

But I’m tired …. and I have to be nice to myself.  I have to remember the advice I would give to someone else in my situation.  Rest, if you need to.  Take it easy.  Cut yourself a break.  Rome wasn’t built in a day, and it’s OK to take a break.  Advice is so much easier to give than it is to receive.

But I do know that it’s OK to rest when I need to.  My life has been very hectic lately and it’s perfectly normal that I would get weary.  We all have goals we want to achieve and I am the first to actively encourage that.  But sometimes life has a way of getting on top of us, and when that happens, it might even be necessary to just slow down… maybe even withdraw for a bit.  Recover.  Regroup.

And when the time is right, go for your dreams once more.