“Strength Laid By”….


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I know I have shown these images before, but a very talented writer over at Redbubble was so inspired by them, that she wrote the most wonderful poem.  And I would like to share it with you here.  For more of her very powerful writing, please check out her Redbubble site : Donna Hutchins

The city view
beyond the pier
begs my steps
to draw me near
I walk the planks
with nervous care
beneath the water
sea life so rare
One two three
I count the steps
as pillions moan
and wood does creak
I near the end
as evening breaks
and look across
as the city takes
my next breath
with all its lights
and recall this life lived
with all my might
Looking back
I have to smile
for the pier was lovely
and the walk no trial
As in life the pier
is long
but in the end
what matters is
a foundation strong
No regrets
no fears have I
this life was good
in strength laid by

Thank you Donna for such inspiring words.  Hope you all enjoyed them as much as I did.  And just knowing that my images can inspire such beautiful writing means the world to me.