Breaking ALL the Rules….


When I first started learning about photography…. I learned the rules of composition and construction, of lighting, the rules of thirds and leading lines.  But the most important thing I have learned as an artist is knowing when to break them.

I have written in this blog in the past about art being totally subjective and how in my world, there is NO wrong art….. only opinion.

A friend of mine was judging a primary school colouring competition and she gave the prize to the one that had stayed inside the lines.  It’s funny because I would have given the prize to the one who had gone most outside of the lines.  Anyone can think inside the box!!  But it takes true creativity and imagination to not only go outside of the box, but to even start to see the box as a circle.

People love to point out the rules to me…. WHY….. because they are genuinely trying to be helpful, or because they are trying to prove that they are knowledgable, that they know the rules.  I appreciate the gesture, I really do… but I have NEVER been one to follow the herd.  I walk my own path, and carve my own way.

Art is about breaking rules…. not following them.

Art is about gut instincts.

Art is about going with the creativity inside of you.

And Art is about being true to who you are…. not who the world tells you to be.