Express Yourself…..


Yesterday my dear friend in her 70’s bought her first MacBook Pro computer and we began setting it up and opening up a whole new universe of possibilities to her.  Very exciting stuff.

As I had mentioned previously, she is a very talented artist and naturally the conversation moved to art and creativity.  My friend had recently judged an art show and this stirred something inside me.

I have always been a creative little critter, but never before now have I had the courage to show my work publicly.  Having a somewhat trying childhood (as we all do in some degree or another), being creative helped me to “survive”.  Regularly escaping into a fantasy world, writing poems, drawing, just plain making stuff up, all helped to get the inner pain and frustrations out of my system.

Even if you feel that there are never any painful feelings or feelings of frustration in you life, I still believe that having some form of creative outlet, whatever it may be, is such a life enhancing addition.

And there are so many things to choose from.  Art, photography, writing, craft, gardening, pottery, even (and maybe especially) blogging.  What you choose to do is not nearly as important as just having the act of self expression.  And the truly beautiful thing about this…. is there is absolutely NO wrong way to do it.

Art (in whatever form it takes), IS by definition (to me at least)… Self Expression.  And there is absolutely NO way that you can expression who you are, or what you are experiencing, wrongly.  Others may have their opinions.  Others may say that you are doing it poorly, or without style.  But that is their opinion, and theirs alone.  You are expressing YOUR self.  And there is no wrong way to do that.

So even if you never wish to share your creations with another living soul…. that is fine.  But I would still encourage you to find some form of creative outlet.  We are on this planet to express who we are, in the uniquely individual way that only we can.  And if, and when we can share those parts of ourselves with others, I think we add immeasurable to the World as a whole.  In ways we can’t possibly even imagine.