I am truly lucky.


How could I not reblog these lovely words, from a wonderful friend.

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Hello!~ Yesterday I put up a post about my friend Tracie Pippenger. It was about why I love her work so much. As this is my first foray into WordPress, I was not sure how it all works, until this morning I logged onto my Yahoo account and saw all the comments that lots of lovely people had posted. I did not realise that a few words from me would reach so many people, but I am very pleased that those people who left posts liked the comments I made about Tracie.

When I read all those beautiful comments, I realised that yes, I am very lucky to have Tracie as a friend and teacher. I may have mentioned that she gave me her preloved Nikon camera. When I am taking pictures, I now say to myself “I wonder what Tracie would do?”. It makes me stop and think about…

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