Being Grateful


I have had so much good news lately.

Actually I’m now delibrately taking the time to notice the good news.  And more importantly, to appreciate the good news.

Yesterday my son came to me with some news of something that I had been hoping to hear, and my first reaction was… wow.. this Law of Attraction stuff really works.

The more I notice good things happening… the more good things seem to be happening.

This morning I actually got overwhelmed for a moment with the amount of great stuff that was happening… it seemed a little too surreal.

I have been practising gratitude on a daily basis… going to bed of an evening and giving thanks for all the wonderfully positive things in my life… And then waking up in the morning and giving thanks for the promise of the wonderful things that might occur this new day.

And it’s really starting to have an affect.  The positivity seems to be snowballing.  The more I am grateful for, the more there is to be grateful for.

Now I know how this works in theory.  I have read about it for some time now.  I have watched the video’s and listened to the audio’s, and studied all the books on the subject.  I did believe it was possible… but I guess… until you actually apply it on a consistent daily basis… and until you start to live it, and see the results manifesting in your life… it still just remains “theory”.

Well as far as I am concerned… we have gone beyond just theory now.  This works!  This is real! The more you are grateful for, the more you will have to be grateful for.  I’m living all the proof I will ever need.