iPhone Frog :D


I have had one of those outdoor hot tubs for about 9 years.  Best thing I ever bought.  Most evenings I soak my troubles away in the swirling bubbles of warm water.  It’s like my meditation time, and I just love it.

Turns out though, that I am not the only one who appreciates my hot tub.  From time to time I get the occasional little green visitor.  They don’t go in the water (and it’s deadly for them if they ever do).. but they like to sit on the side and enjoy the warmth.

Last night I took my iPhone out to the tub with me… I am reading a book that happens to be stored on the phone.  And when I opened the lid to the spa, I was greeted with a big green smile.  And me, being me… since I had a camera on the phone, couldn’t resist the opportunity to snap, my new little friend.  He sat and watched me relaxing for a short time, before hoping off back into the trees.

I wonder if I will see him again tonight 🙂