Hanging in there…


Yesterday my son was checking out a new photobook I had made of my work.. it’s really cool actually.  But anyway… he had the following thing to say about it, “don’t take this the wrong way Mum, but I had no idea you had improved so much”.  How could I possible take such a heartfelt compliment the wrong way.

And this is what I had to say to him in return…

“You of all people know how much work I put into achieving my goals.  How could anyone possibly not improve.”

“Work?”, he said. “How can you call doing what you love ‘work’.”

And he is, of course, completely right.  For me anything and everything that I do, that is not related to photography is work.. all else, is pure pleasure.

Hanging in there… and not giving up when things get difficult… or when things aren’t progressing as rapidly as you would desire…  That is what creates real improvement, real progress.  Anything that you focus on positively and with pure passion, is achievable.  It’s true.. I have made tremendous progress in the 12 months that I have been working on my photography.  And when I think of where I might be in 12 more months time… well.  That is really exciting.

Whatever your goals.  Whatever your dreams.  Hang in there!