Love is not just one day a year.


As Valentine’s Day draws to a close here in Australia, and just starting up for our Northern Hemisphere friends, I couldn’t resist taking this opportunity to express my thoughts on the very important subject of “Love”.

I will be honest…. Valentine’s Day has always bugged me.  I agree, it can be a very positive and sweet day for those who approach it with the right attitude…  However I do believe that it has a darker side.  There is a tremendous amount of societal pressure put on people as a result of Valentine’s Day.  And I am never in favour of anything that promotes mass consumerism.

I think that having one day a year to celebrate Love is a nice idea.  However I do hope that people don’t think that one day a year is sufficient to express how they feel about those in their lives.  I am one of those annoying people who says “I love you” constantly.  I mean CONSTANTLY… But my mother (who is no longer with us) always told me that you never know when the last time you might see someone will be.  She must have told me that I was loved a million times growing up.  And I have no doubt I have told my own children at least that many times.

Valentine’s Day is hard for me for another reason.  It was the birthday of my dear sweet best friend, who has sadly left us now.  I still miss her presence in my life each and every day (and probably always will).  But she died knowing how much I loved and cherished her.  And I guess that is my hope.. that we take every opportunity to express how we feel about those who matter to us.  Not one day of the year… but everyday.