Being Different


When I first embarked on my journey to becoming a professional photographer, I knew that I had a great deal to learn.  Sure, I had some natural talent.. and eye for what looks good.  But I had no technical knowledge or skills, knew nothing of apertures, f-stops, light metering, shutter speeds etc.  And I kind of figured that when I learned these things, my images would start to look like those of the professionals… those I would see on professional websites… those images that I admired so much.  And so I set about learning.

Whilst I have no doubt that there is still so much out there for me to learn, I do believe my images have improved since the early days.  And yet, they still never look like the expectations that I have in my mind when I pick the camera up.  This is the exact reason I gave away painting (and other forms of art I have tried)… because I could never get the real item to look like the imagined one in my head.  But since giving up photography, for me, would be like giving up oxygen… quitting is NOT an option.

So I have a choice.

I can either keep trying so hard to emulate the images I see that others have taken… the ones that I think mine should look like.


I can accept that I have my own style, my own “take” on how the world around me looks.  I can learn to take it as a compliment when people tell me that my work is so “different”.  Because it is a compliment.  No one else can see the world the way I see it, through my eyes (just as I can not see it through the eyes of another)… but with my photography, I can at least let people glimpse the things I see, in the way that I see them… beautiful, and bold, and bright and full of energy and potential… because that’s how I see life… Endless Potential. Endless Possibilities.

And if that makes me a little different… GREAT!!! I love it.