Embracing the Dawn

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A few days prior to Christmas, and to celebrate our 11th Wedding Anniversary.. my husband took us to the Novotel Twin Waters Resort on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.  What a gorgeous place.

My first impressions where not that great though.  We arrived mid afternoon, and of course, at the height of school holidays, a few days before Christmas, and the middle of summer, the place was packed with children and families.  Not exactly the romantic, secluded getaway I was expecting.  But the resort is built surrounding a wonderful lagoon, filled with activities, such as kayaking, catamarans, fishing, swimming, water trampoline, and loads more.  So I could totally see the attraction for families.

Being the ever vigilant photographer, the following morning I was up bright and early at 4am sharp.  Well, it wasn’t exactly bright, but it definitely was early.  I must be crazy I thought to myself, as my sleeping husband enjoyed some very well deserved rest… I snuck out to see what the dawn would bring.

What a stunningly gorgeous place at 4am.  The lagoon that just the day before was a hive of activities and constantly rippling waves, was now like glass, gently reflecting the soft lights and the flickering of the suns first rays.  The difference was like night and day….. well duh!  Of course it was.

The bustling resort was suddenly peaceful and tranquil and magically beautiful.  I couldn’t help but think of all the other guests and what they were missing in their slumber.  I couldn’t understand why everyone wasn’t up and enjoying the spender of dawn.  I thought back to my younger days when sleeping until noon was not unheard of.  Even the very recent past, when after hubby left for work at 5am, I would roll over and sleep another couple of hours.  What have I been missing?

Photography has bought me many joys (and challenges), but not the least of which is a new appreciation of the wee small hours, and the incredible things that seem to exist there, that disappear altogether once the sun is fully risen.  I have certainly been making an increasing habit of waking up before the sun lately.  Rather than diminish my quality of life (through lack of sleep), as I thought it would, it has enhanced my daily experience immeasurably.   There is beauty at sunrise, than can be seen at no other part of the day.